18 November 2023

Lock preservation 2023

We’re very grateful to welcome the Canal Trust for sending in a team of volunteers to review and maintain the lock system throughout Caisson. They have made a brilliant start on Lock 5 and will continue the process.

Caisson House (26 October 2023)

The team are revealing the wonderful quality of the stonework and patina created by the mosses and lichens growing in the unique micro-climate of each lock. At this time of year, the winter sunshine amplifies the colour palette beautifully and shows up the amazing diversity of flora.

Caisson House (26 October 2023)

A recent visit from a local stonemason told us that in his opinion the marks on the stone indicated that they had been built by French stonemasons who used different tools and techniques.

From our point of view the lock system is the making of Caisson. From the detail and historical marking of a bygone era revealed by their work is thrilling to us. It creates a very special character to the place, unlike any other.

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