A place to explore

Amanda and Phil love welcoming visitors for garden tours & visits and their programme of sustainable gardening and arts & crafts workshops. Not least because they want to be able to share the sense of peace and rejuvenation that they themselves have gained from spending time immersed in nature in Caisson Gardens, but also to seed and nurture inspiration and excitement in others about the undeniable rewards of regenerative gardening and a more respectful approach to working the land in a sustainable way.

They found – and continue to fulfil – their shared passion in this wonderfully evocative and naturally energising landscape.


Nurture. Knowledge. Spirit. Soul.

Inspiring passion and purpose

In every weather and every season, Caisson Gardens is home to a new idea or natural development that delights the senses, ignites new passions and drives a renewed sense of purpose. Importantly, this is as true for visitors to the gardens and the workshops as it is for the couple who live here.

This sense of seasonal equilibrium and ongoing fulfilment for all who experience Caisson Gardens is conscientiously nurtured. A visit isn’t just about the activity itself; it’s about awareness, appreciation, potential recalibration and fine-tuning of a greater sense of place in the wider world.

This is a place where poise meets purpose. In almost every aspect of everything you interact with.

A place to evolve

From meandering cobbled paths and the carefully cut stone rills that sweep away from the house to more manicured design details that often, but not always, feature eye-catching living architecture based on topiary and espalier, Caisson Gardens is designed and curated in an entirely organic and ‘of the moment’ way. And it continues to evolve, year on year.